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How it works

So you’re looking to buy an excavator, maybe a truck and trailer to shift it, or a 4×4 to take the kids away camping on the weekend? Mechintel is here to assist you throughout the process so you can make that purchase with confidence.

Online auctions and marketplaces have seemingly increased the options at our finger tips when selecting equipment. Conducting thorough due diligence and inspecting all options prior to making a decision is a time-consuming and costly exercise. Physically this equipment can be spread from one side of the country to the other. Not conducting your due diligence though, can prove even costlier should the equipment’s condition not meet your expectations when it arrives. It isn’t feasible for you personally to take the time out of your business to travel to inspect all the options for sale to form your decision. Mechintel bridges the borders, creating cost and time efficient solutions to bring you verification and pre purchase inspection reports that can be the basis for an informed decision and if needed have the equipment delivered to your doorstep so you can get on with your business operations.

Our Australia wide network of industry specific inspectors are the backbone of our business. These specialists, combined with our customised reporting system that incorporates comprehensive equipment inspection checklists, ensures you can compare machines across Australia with continuity, regardless of your industry or the equipment you require.

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Caterpillar 12H Motor Grader

Wanting to find out just what to expect when you order a Mechintel Pre Purchase Inspection?

Please fill in the short survey and we will instantly send you a sample report we have previously completed for one of our existing customers. See for yourself, the value Mechintel can deliver to your business through the reduced costs and time involved in acquiring used equipment. Our sole purpose is assisting you, our customer, attain business success through confidence in your equipment, and therefore welcome feedback and queries in relation to our services and reporting structure.