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Important Limitations on Inspection Reports (Disclaimer)

  • Mechintel does not check ownership or title to any equipment.
  • Inspection reports are valid at the time of inspection.We have no control over what may be done to the equipmentafter inspection, whether through damage, repairs undertaken, cleaning or issues developing after inspection.
  • Equipment inspection is VISUAL only and non-mechanical. Defects that are not apparent on visual inspection will not be reported. Mechintel is not responsible for discovering or reporting latent defects.
  • If you intend to buy equipment, it is your responsibility to conduct a visual inspection at the point of sale.
  • Parts are not removed or tested during inspection. Equipment may be started to ensure that the equipment is in basic working order, and basic functions like air conditioning and lights work. Basic mechanical operational functionality will be reported where possible, but no performance or reliability can be assumed.
  • Whilst all care is exercised during inspection, you acknowledge that Mechintel inspectors are not engineers or specialists on any item of equipment and will not necessarily identify any or all faults with equipment.
  • The information contained in the inspection report is based solely on the lay observations and opinions of the person who completed the report. Different people may see different things based on their experience with equipment. Your personal observations and opinions might differ from those contained in the report.
  • We do not warrant that every fault will be observed.
  • You acknowledge that photographs in the report may differ in quality for photographs that would be taken by a professional photographer.
  • You should consider the age and condition of the equipment at the time of inspection.
  • Inspection reports are not conducted for, and specifically exclude:
  • valuation
  • risk assessment
  • safety inspection
  • road worthiness

You acknowledge that any decision to buy or not buy the inspected equipment is solely your responsibility.